Reflection Evaluation

Many projects, academic projects included, require planning and management for a successful completion.

A well planned project requires proper management to control, reschedule, and make necessary changes to issues that may not have been included in the plan. Academic projects require wide reading of various kinds of academic resources such as books, journals, e-books, and e-journals. For a quality paper, the academic sources must be evaluated for quality through various tools such as CARS. This document discusses the steps that were taken to plan and manage the project in task 1, evaluates the academic sources used, and gives recommendations on what should be improved for successful academic project writing. Project management is the planning, organizing and managing of a project to successful completion.

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It involves identification of risks and developing proper ways of managing them. It also involves proper and timely changing of things that may come up in the course of the projects, which were not initially planned for. Time management is important in any project. The project was planned to start early to give enough time for each of its steps. The enough time was scheduled to enable a good job to be done. The project was then broken down into manageable tasks.

The tasks included choosing the topic, getting the required resources for research such as the university library cards, university password to online library, and necessary books. Each task was allocated time for completion. The project was then evaluated to identify its complexity, risks, and lessons learnt from similar projects. The available resources such as text books, online services, journals, and articles were identified and evaluated for quality. The identified sources were read and analyzed to suit the research topic.

The paper was finally written and proof read for errors and coherence. The task was completed as planned with few changes made to the original plan to accommodate important things that were not included in the original plan. In carrying out the research, all secondary sources for the research were identified. They included books and journals. They were then evaluated for academic quality.

Those which were considered credible were used for the research. The sources were read and critically analyzed in relation to the task 1 topic (the impact that mobile technology has had on shopping in Asia). This was done by planning for gaps, requesting assistance where necessary, and frequent checking with instructor. The project was finally written in the required format by introducing the topic, giving background information of the topic, writing the body, concluding, and proofreading the work for grammatical and formatting errors.