Case Study on Job Evaluation

Job Evaluation Case Study:

Job evaluation is a scrupulous and detailed analysis of a job and its comparison to other jobs within the organization or several organizations. The aim of job evaluation is to define the major aspects of the job and compare it to the other jobs in order to set payment for it and see its effectiveness. Job evaluation is easily confused with job analysis but the latter simply provides people with the general facts about the job without any comparison to the other jobs.Job evaluation is conducted in the specific manner.

The experts monitor the work, learn the detail information about the requirements of the work, the time and efforts required to fulfill it, so that they conduct the job analysis. On the basis of the job analysis the job is evaluated. The experts look through the results of the analysis and compare the manner of work, the terms, the use of materials, requirements of special skills and knowledge and finally they set the adequate payment for such a job.Of course, the job evaluation is often very subjective, because one can treat one job as a complicated and important one and suggest the higher payments and the other can do vice versa and pay little. The general aim of job analysis is to set the right payment within the company for the work of different type, because it is obvious that every occupation requires different skills and efforts and can not be treated equally.Job evaluation is supposed to be a positive phenomenon, because the group of the experts evaluates the job in detail trying to set the fair payment for it.

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The process is quite complicated and requires efforts as it is difficult to define the more important kind work and the process of comparison becomes a serious challenge. When the student decides to research a case on job evaluation, he has to learn more about the company or observe the case site and find clues and evidence which would be useful for the objective analysis. One is supposed to work out the cause and effect of the problem on job evaluation and the student will be asked to prepare his own variant of such evaluation on the basis of the job analysis of this company.The most difficult point of case study writing is the creation of the right structure and formatting of the paper and the Internet can become at hand suggesting a free example case study on job evaluation with solution written by an intelligent writer. Under the assistance of a free sample case study related to job evaluation the student will see the right manner of data presentation and the right research approach and composition of the text and its editing.