Reflective Essay

“You know that kind of guy that does nothing but bad things and his life sucks?” Well, that’s him his name is Earl. Today i’m talking about My name is Earl a tv show from 2005-2009. The reason’s why I think it’s the best tv show ever is because it’s a great story, funny, and Re-watchable. A great story, the whole show is based of karma. Like do good things, good things happen, do bad things, and bad things happen.

He makes the list of everything he has done bad in his life and one by one wants to fix them all “Karma is a funny thing”. Now his friends and family are another reason why the show is as good as it is. His brother Randy, His ex-wife Joy, Joy’s new Husband Darnell “Crabman”, and Catalina. Now another reason why the shows my favorite. It’s funny, the jokes in the show are really good. It’s not a show friendly for kids because there’s a lot of use of drugs and alcohol.

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Earl doing the list is another funny thing because, he did a lot of things bad and some of them are really funny, and some are more generic. Like ruining his family vacation was a really good episode and it was funny. Some of the more generic things are smoking and littering. Now why it’s rewatchable. Its very rewatchable, because the jokes never get old and sometimes the viewer forgets some of the episodes so when you rewatch it they didn’t remember it.

But then you are wondering if you missed something you knew was going to happen. The entire show never gets old, I have rewatched all 4 seasons about 3 times, Season 1-2 are the best, and Season 3-4 are okay. I rewatched this month and watched all 4 seasons in about 4 days. That’s almost everything about My name is Earl. So great story, funny, and rewatchable are all the main reasons why I think My name is Earl.

The list is what the show is all about because of karma and him getting hit by a car. And then him making the list is the whole reason why it’s a show. Unfortunately the show never ending with Season 4 episode 27 ending with a to be continued, and the show was canceled in 2009. But maybe one day they will make a new Season or a Movie we’ll see what times says.