Relation between Extraversion

Extroversion is a strong personality type that inspires a person to live in the limelight. Extrovert persons always have an assertive nature. They often work so hard to be noticed and have well developed language and personal skills. Extraversion enables a person to be hyper and aggressive. Such people always demand to be noted.

Achievement on the other hand refers to excellent in all that a person does. Such excellent spans and spreads to all areas of live. Tests have been done to help establish a relationship between extraversion and achievement. It has been observed that the two phenomenons are correlated and associated to one another. Findings A study conducted among the grade eight pupils had a measure of relationship between achievement in mathematics and extraversion.

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Students who possessed high levels of extraversion were noted to perform well in mathematics (Aguilar, 2005 p 56). In another case study, a team of sales persons were assessed for extraversion and success in the job. Extroverts were noted to close more sales at the end of the day compared to their introvert colleagues (Bendig, 2008 p 60). A final finding established that extraversion traits boosted the performance of tellers in a local Barclays Bank.

Explanations and conclusion The extraversion trait is closely ccorrelated with achievement. The need for achievement pushes people to work so hard and stop at nothing but success. In the research finding obtained for this case, r = 0.39. This implies that the need for achievement is high amongst persons who score high in extraversion.

Such people have aggressiveness that enables them to push till they arrive at success. The three case studies indicate that extrovert persons have great drive towards excellence. Such drive brings about hard work and determination. The grade eight pupils are shown to have passed their mathematics as a result of extraversion. The sales persons and the tellers (Jung, 1995 p 402) further establish the theorem that extraversion results into great drive for achievement.