Relax on the dresscodes Narrative Essay

Relax on the Dress Codes! There are different kind of dress code rules for all schools. Even in the Pennfield School System the different buildings have different rules.

When you get to the Middle and High School, the rules become much more strict. Students in these buildings have to wear clothing that is a certain length and certain brands are prohibited. So I ask, are these strict dress codes really necessary? Dress codes should be considered, but to a certain extent. Have you ever had a time when you go to pick out your clothes one morning and you realize that there is a top that has been sitting in your closet for the whole school year? You ask yourself “why is that?” Could it be because you aren’t allowed to wear it to school because you are breaking the dress code? Or the pair of shorts that aren’t quite fingertip length? Can you imagine the number of people that go out and spend tons of money on clothing articles each year only to find out they can’t wear it because of dress code policies? The time that you spent shopping and the money that you just spent, or your parents money, was just wasted! By having a dress code, some people can’t express their feelings, express what their personality is, and what their style is. Even though dress codes aren’t preferred by many students, the teachers think it is a rather good idea.

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If the staff was not as strict, think about all of the time they would save by not sending students to the office to get “checked” and make sure the students are in compliance. Maybe if teachers were not so concerned about this, students wouldn’t push the boundaries set by the administration. As long as your clothing covers you up, what is the problem? It’s not like someone is going to come up to you and say, “Dang, thats a fine shoulder you got there!” Why do the straps have to be three inches wide? As long as you are not exposing body parts that are meant to be covered, why is that a rule? Another point we need to consider is the climate we live in. Michigan’s spring time can either be snowing, or so hot that you are uncomfortable and cannot concentrate. Many classrooms do not have air conditioning.

Why should students sit there uncomfortable just because their shorts need to come to their knees? Again I say, as long as your body is covered up, why do they need to be finger tip length? Why not mid thigh? Nothing will be seen. Heck, our cheerleaders have skirts that shorter than what some of our shorts are. And what is wrong with wearing hats? This can be done tastefully. There is nothing to hide when wearing a hat. When talking to several people about this topic, they also think it’s a good idea to not have a strict dress code. Here is some feedback: “They’re over rated and most of the time, not applicable” says one of our students.

Another quoting, “The dress code is very intricate and there’s too much to it.” As you can see, the current dress codes aren’t desired by some of our students. All in all, dress codes are necessary but only to a certain point. Students should be able to express themselves rather than be bound up by strict policies and rules. Let the students have a say.Take your stand! Should we really have such strict dress codes?