School Uniforms Narrative Essay

During my 6th grade year in Utah at Lava Ridge Intermediate, I had to wear school uniforms. When I first heard of school uniforms I thought “How are these going to help?” But I discovered that they really do help the students do better. It amazed me but, school uniforms really do help prevent big problems.

If schools had uniforms, there would be less bullying. The poor school kids will end up hurt and made fun of. Not if we had uniforms. For example, the Clearinghouse Educational Policy Management said, school uniforms will help prevent gangs on campus. Uniforms will also, increase school pride and improve attendance. The (C.

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E. P. M.) states that school uniforms in the 1950’s reduced the percentage of school violence. Also, it helped improve the student bodies behavior. I think uniforms will make kids nicer because if there’s no difference in clothing then, the bullies couldn’t bully anymore.

Besides that, uniforms will give kids a sense of individuality. According to,, the cons of having uniforms don’t give kids the ability to express themselves and they don’t have a sense of individuality. Most importantly, kids don’t feel a sense of control. But, on the other hand, if we had uniforms kids could still feel under control.

How? Well, after the school day ends the kids could feel free. Along with that, they could change they’re clothes after school. Also, the kids will still be around they’re friends on and off school campus. However, kids will dress more appropriate if schools have uniforms. For example, Virginia Draa, an assistant professor at Youngstown State University said, “I really went to thinking uniforms don’t make a difference.

But, I came away seeing that they do. I was absolutely floored”! In Tulsa, Oklahoma, the dress code is no gang related anything, no baggy clothing and no holes in clothes. The most important dress code is that they do not like bandanas, pajamas, or shorts. So, if schools had uniforms they wouldn’t have problems with kids not dressing under the school dress code. In addition, if all the schools in the U.S.

had uniforms the kids would have to dress more appropriately. Along with that, there would be less bullying in the schools and most of all, the attendance list would jump really high. The uniforms will really help children be better education wise and at school. Anyway, don’t just stand there, what are you waiting for? Come on, administrators and principals, children and parents of the school, ask for uniforms. Furthermore, it will change the way all the children act, which leads to a big impact on the them.