Are School Uniforms Really a Good Idea?

Are School Uniforms Really a Good Idea? “Imagine waking up in the morning and putting on the same clothes you had on yesterday, the day before, last week, last month, and so on.

” Children take pride in expressing their personality through clothing, hairstyle, and shoes. However, when students have to wear uniforms it takes away most of these things. I do not think school uniforms are a good thing because it denies free expression, individuality, and causes many problems. I personally like to have my own style of clothing instead of wearing the same thing as everybody else. The uniforms can also inhibit our individuality.

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Furthermore, school uniforms are not for every child. Some students might even wear something with their uniform to stand out and get the individuality they want. Many students who don’t wear uniforms get bullied for wearing something that isn’t “cool”. Because of this people suggest that if students wear uniforms this will stop. But having uniforms doesn’t always stop this. They can still find something to bully about.

Even I see people bully others when they are wearing uniforms. Then the worst part about uniforms is that it causes many problems for the parent and the child. First of all, a lot of times they can cost a lot. It will then leave hardly any money for other things. Another thing about uniforms is that they are made out of a hot fabric, which can be very stressful in a hot climate. When you have a uniform you also have to make sure it is clean and in good condition.

School uniforms deprive us of the right to wear whatever we want. They can also suppress our right to free speech or express. If the school does not want us to dress inappropriately they should just have a dress code instead of taking away our decision of what to wear altogether. For example, the students can wear any outfit but it cannot have any inappropriate things on it. So in conclusion, not only do uniforms limit free choice, but they also take away many of our rights.