School Uniforms

Hello my name is Sheila, and I am a middle school student. One controversial debate that affects me, my fellow peers, and teachers has been that middle students should be required to wear school uniforms. On the one hand,those opposed to this motion argue that school uniforms shouldn’t be required. On the other hand, I believe that school uniforms should be required because there is proof that uniforms cost less, which will help struggling families. I’ve always believed that school uniforms should be required.

My own view is that school uniforms cost less, which would help struggling families who are having issues with money. It has been proven that uniforms cost less and the cost of school uniforms and the cost of regular school clothes are compared. According to Matt Buesing, “The average American family is encountering a figure approaching and in some cases surpassing $300 per child for back-to-school” (

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He also says, “The cost of a year’s worth of school uniforms or standardized dress code clothing is $150.”Since the cost of uniforms is less than that of usual clothes, poor families or struggling families can not only afford school uniforms but uniforms would help them save money which could be used for other, more important things. As a general rule, we should strive to try and help the families that have money problems and school uniforms are proven to do that. The opposing side might say that uniforms don’t let students express themselves, but in reality we already wear uniforms. In our school, we wear gym uniforms. In addition, if you look around, we all pretty much wear the same things: jeans, sweaters, shirts, yoga pants, gym shoes or boots, and sweatpants.

There are also other ways to express yourself with something else rather than clothing like bracelets and headbands and a ton of different possessions we own. Therefore, since they are many ways to express yourself other than clothing, the opposing side’s argument is invalid. I one hundred percent support the claim that school uniforms should be required. As I have stated before, school uniforms would help with families who are struggling day by day by allowing them to save money for more necessary things other than clothes. If you go to a school you will see most people wearing practically the same thing, so it’s a form of wearing school uniforms. Would it really make a big difference to wear uniforms? I personally think not.