Is It a Good Idea for High School Students to Have a Part-Time Job?

Is it a good idea for high school students to have a part-time job? To begin, many teenagers these days are becoming more and more independent, but very lazy at the same time. Their parents are letting them disobey more rules, than parents’ ever have in the past. With these particular arrangements, many teens are taking advantage of their independence, and not properly using them. Therefore, many people believe that students should not have a part-time job, therefore being allowed less independence, and more time for studies.

But oppositely, I strongly believe that it is ideal for high school students to have a part-time job because; firstly it allows them to learn responsibility, teaches them how to properly manage their time and prepares them for their future Firstly, it teaches the students about being responsible. Being a teenager, is the phase of life when we are not fully matured yet, and having a part-time job will grant us the basic traits of what our future will consist of, which is having to be responsible.

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Responsibility is promoted through having a job on a couple different terms. First, when students have a job, they are expected to be punctual, which is a good quality to retain for life. For example, I have a friend who currently has a job at a grocery store, and I have noticed many changes in her time management; she has become much more punctual. Plus, when they have a job it is necessary to complete the tasks that they are assigned, which teaches them to obey the rules.

And there are more of course, but they would take too long to fully explain.

In addition, another great quality to retain which is portrayed when having a job is proper time management. When having a job it is necessary to properly manage your time, in order to both have a job and earn money, but also have a social life. When having a job, students must properly arrange their time around family, friends, and their school work, which makes for a great balance. This leads us on to our next point.

Thirdly, when having a job, students are much more prepared for their life in the future.

I can support my opinion with many valid points of why this is true. Firstly, when people get a job when they are young, they tend to retain their experiences in the work environment which allows them greater chances at getting employment opportunities in the future. Also, when having a job, it gives them a little taste of what their life will feel like when they are older.

What I mean by that is mainly independence, and how they will have to arrange themselves without the help of others, such as family or friends. In conclusion, kids are becoming very independent, but often in a negative way, having a job will cure them, making them more responsible, teaching them how to properly manage their time and prepare them for their future.

Therefore, I strongly believe that it is ideal for high school students to have a part-time job.