School Uniforms Free Essay

Just as my alarm goes off for the first day of school, I realize it is 7:30am and I have to leave for school in fifteen minutes. I swing open my closet and with a sigh of relief, pull out a pair of navy blue pants and a white collared shirt. Getting ready for school is a breeze when you don’t have to worry about what you are going wear. As a former student who wore uniforms, this luxury was fantastic. When students dress in uniforms, they take a more serious approach on school than they would if they were to dress in so called “play clothes.

” As a Police Officer wears their uniform and badge, they focus on how they will perform and protect their country just as The National Guard Protects their country. Uniforms for students are much like this. As students wear uniforms, they focus on school work and accomplishing their goals. According to the US Department of Education, in 2005-06, 14% of school principles reported that their school required their students to wear uniforms. A survey taken by Education Secretary Charles Clarke in May of 2003 said that 83% of parents were in favor of people wearing school uniforms, 77% of all respondents were in favor of people wearing school uniforms, and 68% thought school uniforms could help improve school standards.

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These percentages show just how much people are in favor of students wearing school uniforms. As students who wear school uniforms, they benefit from not having all the distractions of the outer world. For example, if you went to a public school and a girl came in with a shirt that had a whole mixture of words on it, you would be too busy trying to figure out what the shirt said rather than what 2x+3 was. Some clothes are distracting and take way the learning experience from the students. Parents who have students that wear uniforms can benefit a great deal. In an interview done with a parent of children who wore uniforms said, “It’s easier to shop for uniforms because you know exactly what to get.

In the long run, they are much cheaper than say, a regular outfit for school. My kids love them because they are easy to choose in the morning and are comfortable.” According to the US Department of Education Manual of School Uniforms, the benefit of uniforms can “decrease violence and theft, prevent students from wearing gang-related colors to school, help students resist peer pressure and help students concentrate on academics.” Safety is a big issue and worry in all schools. The first large urban school district to require school uniforms was Long Beach, California in 1994. They reported that sexual offenses went down 74% and mugging went down 50%.

Dr. Alan Hilfer, senior psychologist in Children’s Adolescent Unit at Maomoids Medical Center in Brooklyn says “Uniforms do eliminate competition, pressure and assaults perpetrated by older kids on younger kids for their sneakers and their other possessions. They also allow some kids to focus, especially in the lower grades.” To everything, there is a downside. Clothing is a way for children to express their emotions and personality.

Uniforms have no use outside of school. Despite these cons, uniforms have a great positive effect towards the students and the school. Students take pride in their school as they wear uniforms that reflect their school colors and spirit. In conclusion, uniforms are a fantastic way to create a better and more successful school. I believe that when students wear uniforms they look and act more professional and their learning environment becomes safer.

They make students want to focus and learn. When students follow this simple dress code, they are more likely to adhere to other school policies. Such a change would instill greater trust and respect in each other and ultimately entire communities.