Company: Ipswitch Inc.Customer: RemedySubmitted by: MCC InternationalDate: August 2000Remedy, the world’s leading supplier of eCRM and eBusiness infrastructure solutions, is a company that like so many 21st Century businesses relies on its IT systems to be successful. Employing more than 1000 staff in ten countries, Remedy has a world-wide customer base of 9,100 making it not only a market leader in its field but also a major player in the global e-business industry.

Like any leading company, Remedy recognises the value of having reliable, robust networks and systems through which to conduct business, which is why both the US and UK operations use WhatsUp Gold from Ipswitch, as Mark Walters, senior support engineer at Remedy explains.”My colleagues at Remedy in Mountain View California recommended WhatsUp Gold when asked for a reliable network monitoring solution,” said Walters. “We had no network monitoring solution in place and we recognised the need to provide a consistent solution that was usable and supportable from both sides, ­- the US and the UK. WhatsUp Gold provided the solution.”WhatsUp Gold monitors the network and servers at more than a dozen Remedy sites around the world. A map of the corporate network has been developed including all key routers, switches and servers.

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These are monitored to ensure 24/7 availability with e-mail alerts being generated should there be a failure. SMS text messages to mobile phones are also sent if there’s a problem with a critical system out of hours.”The ability to receive quick warnings about apparent network outages is a major benefit,” said Walters. “Access to the network map through a web browser is another key feature, it makes remote troubleshooting a reality.”Remedy offices on both sides of the Atlantic have benefited from better response to network and server problems, and this believes Walters, has lead to increased customer satisfaction as Remedy has often been able to react to problems before the customer even notices them.

“WhatsUp Gold has brought a number of benefits to the company; less time is spent manually checking the status of systems thanks to the software’s multiple alert capabilities. Time has also been saved in locating and resolving problems because of the advance warnings that WhatsUp Gold can offer.”Concluded Walters: “We plan to roll out WhatsUp Gold to other Remedy offices world-wide. They will forward alerts to each other enabling a global monitoring and response system to be developed.”