Networking Concepts Kaplan

The Case of the Hurricane Club Jamie, one of the technicians from the Hurricane club calls for your help.

He has been working with the other ten locations during their Global Hurricane Conference. He usually has five technicians in each location, but, due to the conference he is working with a minimal staff. There have been many network challenges this morning, and with so many of his staff members away at the conference he needs some additional assistance.

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The Vice-President of Marketing has been unable to get his emails. The etwork has been going up and down all morning. The Customer Service department’s printer has not been accepting any print Jobs.

There have been many error messages. Jamie needs to put these troubleshooting errors In the order of the priority. Which do you think has the highest priority? How can you help Jamie solve his problem? Project Instructions: Respond to each of the project requirements and submit all work to the Dropbox as a single file. Project requirements: 1.

Complete the review questions: a. True: Some NOSs come with network monitoring tools. b. True: The difference between continuity testers and performance testers lies in heir sophistication and price. c. True: Experience in a network environment may prompt a network professional to follow the troubleshooting steps in a different order or to skip certain steps entirely.

d. False: Physical connectivity problems often prove more difficult to isolate and resolve than logical connectivity problems because they can be more complex. . True: It Is best to roll out changes in stages for large systems. 2. using the scenario of the Hurricane Club discussed in this week’s seminar, describe the steps you would take if Jamie received a report that someone 1 OF2 could not access a Tile on one 0T tne servers.

necK tne server to make sure It Is In operation, Check the cables and power cords, Try to restart the server, and then check the settings and options.