The sweat was dripping down my face, and my legs were about to quit. Others were dropping out and taking breaks, but I knew what I had to do. Resolute, I was determined to finish the practice even though it was a sweltering 90 degrees, and we had been on our feet for three, never-ending hours. The word “resolute” is one that is built into my very core.

The thought of not taking a task to the finishing point while using all of my effort will never sit well with me. Completion means pushing to the absolute limit and to the breaking point. I know if something is not done completely, then there is no point in doing it at all. This is my philosophy for dance, school, soccer, music, and every minute or major activity in which I participate. For me, the word “resolute” has many different connotations. When I am a part of a team, it means not letting the other members down, even if I am not the leader or the most skilled and talented.

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When working alone, it means pushing myself harder until I am pleased with the results and outcome I achieve. When dealing with academics, “resolute” means exploring and completing projects and homework to the pinnacle of my ability. Therefore, my personal philosophy is defined as executing every task with all that I have, because excellence is what is expected and needed to improve. This past summer, while attending a summer camp for a month, I committed myself to a grueling athletic schedule. I chose to run with the best athletes in terrifying workouts that left me exhausted and breathless.

We trekked up and down steep hills that would scare a mountain goat and swam through treacherous waters infested with unknown creatures. We accomplished grueling bike rides that would prove to be a challenge for Lance Armstrong. Yet, I pushed through, and I gave every single ounce of energy that I had in my tired body until I was done. Exercising resolve served me extraordinarily well. By the end of the month, using all of my abilities, I was able to complete each run, bike or swim assigned to me.

Though I did not come in first, second, or maybe even third, I stuck true to my belief, and I was more than content with how I finished. I evolved into one of the hardest working in the group. I try my hardest to carry all my activities to full completion. I may not enjoy all that I undertake, but I will never compromise my belief in being resolute. In doing this, I fulfill all obligations to which I have committed.

During my first two years of high school, I was involved in the Red and Silver Brigade marching band playing the French horn. In the middle of my sophomore marching season, I made a vital decision to quit and instead pursue my passion for dance. Although I determined that I would not continue on, I felt it necessary to keep my commitment to the Red and Silver Brigade by playing until the end of the season. I accomplished what I initially set out to achieve and am pleased that I did not let down the others by quitting in the middle of the season resulting in problems for the entire marching show. I persevered, even in a situation that was not “my cup of tea”.

Having left the musical side of marching band, I decided to chase my dreams and resume dance. Currently, I am a member of the dance team; I also participate in dance classes outside of school. Resuming dance after a year’s break, as I did, required me to strive even harder than most to improve every single day. I had to immerse myself more completely in workouts and practices. It is not my desire to let down the other, more experienced members by not knowing every bit of choreography.

This new commitment means additional stretching every day so that I am able to dance at the level instructors and other dancers expect of me. It means working on each leap, turn, and kick at home so that when we add them into a dance the moves appear as clean, fast, and high as they should. I enjoy pushing myself and demonstrating resolution in practice every day, and this attitude does not create dread, but rather inspires me to grow as a dancer. When I am firm with myself on achieving what I need to do, I always reap the benefits. This is what keeps me going in doing absolutely all dancing to the fullest.

Exhibiting resolution creeps into every part of my life, even when I feel the task does not deserve the dedication. Sometimes I want to quit or give less of myself, but I cannot. The drive to accomplish what I set out to achieve is built into me, and it will never leave me. However much I try to resist it, I should not be ashamed of this life philosophy. Occasionally, I may forget to undertake homework or chores until the last minute, and then I will stay up late and finish what is required of me, even though it may reduce my sleep and free time. “Resolute” is a word that conjures up many different ideas or thoughts in people, but to me, it is defined as offering the best of myself, physically and mentally, in every circumstance presented.

“Resolute” drives me to succeed, complete, and excel daily, and I am proud of all my accomplishments. With this belief, I move forward and succeed each and every day.