Responsibilities of a Life Coach

A life coach is a professional whose objective is to assist clients to progress, mature, discover individual accomplishment, attain ambitions and cope with life and personal challenges. This is a newly upcoming professionalism that entirely focuses on developing a person. The fundamental aims of a life coach is to help an individual in reaching certain goals the coaches do this by supporting and giving the clients inspiration so that clients can meet their simple daily goals and consequently reach the main goal.

They help by encouraging the clients to break their goals into small short term manageable goals that ultimately boil down to the future long term objective. Life coaches do this by respecting the values of clients and therefore they do not impose their own values. A life coach acts as a listener. They let the client talk about their goals wishes fears during a session and do less talking and with some kind of interest in the thoughts, ideas and beliefs of the client. Then they take the client through an exploratory journey of the clients’ life, desires and objecties. Through this they get an upper hand in helping the person to take charge of life and plan ahead, setting manageable goals.

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An exploratory session is very important in making clear clarifications and sorting aims and dreams in life, and defining ones destination therefore the life coach helps in this processes of sorting out and clarifying one’s life. They do not impose any external goals but lets an individual plan their own lives according to their abilities and dreams.Perhaps one of the main reasons that explain why so many people fail in attaining their set goals is lack of realism. Many people set unrealistic and unattainable goals. Therefore a life coach guides one through setting realistic, achievable and manageable goals depending on the available resources for the individual, their strengths, personality, talents and even motivation. In this regard life coaches ought to be very honest with their clients and should always embrace the truth so as realistic goals are set.

A coach acts as accountability officer. They follow up on the actions and steps of the clients and gett to know how they are faring in life and how they are coping with the set objectives. They act as a control manager, they help clients discover why they have either achieved a certain goal or why they have not achieved and help set the necessary mechanism to take charge of the failures and successes. Many instances our inner eyes are clouded and our perspective warped and it becomes very hard to deal with situations. A life coach helps their client gain a wide way of thinking and seeing things. They assist the client to have a global way of looking at things in life and life itself.

Unlike counselors and therapists a life coach trusts the client’s decisions and supports them. They do believe in ones decisions, values and beliefs.In conclusion a life coach helps the client ascertain what goals they want in life, then help in designing the plan to achieve the goals, assist in developing mechanisms of coping with challenges and obstacles, and then they stand with the client through the entire process. They are also there to review achievement and celebrate with the client.