Restaurants in School

Are you tired of crappy made meals in the lunch line? Well I am! I believe as a student body we should have access to more of a variety of food. What other way to do so by having a restaurant on school campus.

Think about all the possibilities that can be achieved from this simplistic idea. Students can enjoy different kinds of foods that the cafeteria can’t offer, depends on what you order; it can be healthier and let’s not mention all the money it could bring in. Lets think about the school campus first. Schools hosts lots of non-school hours events, like sports, theater,..

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. etc. Normally these events bring in a good sized audience. According to the USDA, 65% of people who attend an event, typically eat out before or after the event.. Now if we put on our thinking glasses we can infer that those people are eating at a place relevant to the location of the school.

How much easier would it be to just eat on a school campus? It’s not out of the way and the whole team could eat together before a game or throw a party after a big win. Now here’s a pretty big debate. What type, kind of restaurant? I believe if a student will eat at this restaurant during lunch, he or she probably doesn’t want to pay a lot of money for food. In my personal opinion, either subway or Chick-Fil-A because those restaurants are healthier than the others. Now the school board can earn some dough by renting property to these restaurants on campus. I believe it’s a win win situation, and i think the student body would agree!