Restrictive School Policies

Schools think up a lot of crazy policies that don’t make any sense. From getting detention for just wearing clothes to getting drug tested for going to gym class, students are getting mad. Many kids find these rules an invasion of privacy and space. Students lockers’ shouldn’t get checked for putting books away and cell phones shouldn’t be taken away before entering the building.

Schools are using up paper on all these policies soon nothing will be allowed. The dress code rules are everywhere. Girls can’t wear things that are too short or too low- cut; boys can’t wear their pants too low. These things are pretty reasonable, but lately anything you wear is against the dress code. Now if you wear the color blue you a get a three-day suspension. This includes blue jeans(every wash), blue shirts, blue sweater, blue shoes, and even blue socks.

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Spotting out the color blue on kids has become the top priority for all schools. The officials and even principals have stopped their other duties to focus on this. If nothing changes soon the only left for kids to wear to school will be potato sacks. Drug tests are required for joining a sports team at the high school. The coaches want to make sure that you’re not doing drugs, so that you’ll be on your A-game.

Recently though drug tests have been given to students that are not on a sports team. This may be because kids are not trusted by the schools they go to, but it’s unfair to assume all kids are doing the wrong thing. Eventually, the schools are to start testing for artificial food and unhealthy snacks. If you seem really hyper or awake teachers and security guards will think that you have been eating junk food and will take you to the office for a test. Or if you are seen with an artificially colored or flavored food item you will receive an immediate suspension. Your bag and locker will also have to be checked to make sure you don’t have anymore and that you are not giving anything to any other students.

The use of cell phones in class is definitely a distraction for both the other students and the teachers trying to teach a lesson. Although schools are going a bit overboard with it, the rules are that the cell phone must be off and away. If the cell phone is seen and even if it is on silent it can be taken away and searched through, which is an invasion of privacy. These rules are a little extreme and eventually something like a pen will be called a distraction and will no longer be allowed to be used. If a pen is seen during school hours it will immediately be confiscated and all your work will be checked to make sure none of it is written with pen.

To get it back your parent or guardian will have to come after school and retrieve it for you. Pencils will be the only writing utensil allowed in school and even those could be ruled out soon. Restrictive sports contracts are important for athletes to have because coaches don’t want their athletes drinking any alcohol or doing anything that could hurt them physically. So when athletes sign the contract they are saying that they are not going to drink or do drugs or any other illegal thing. If they break the contract that student is off the team. But coaches are getting a little paranoid, now athletes are no longer allowed to drink any beverage with caffeine in it.

No soda, coffee, or even caffeinated tea are allowed to be in possession of the athletes on a sports team. Coaches want to have the students only drinking water, milk, and juice sometimes. The schools are worried that if athletes have caffeine before a game or meet that they will crash or not be able to compete. All of these policies are getting very out of hand and schools all over are taking the rules way too far. Next, students might not even be allowed to come to school because of bad influence or because teachers are afraid that students are cheating.

Or maybe schools will stop giving homework because they’re scared it will cause kids to do drugs. The rules of schools are getting completely out of hand and flat out crazy. Pretty soon students will be scared to come to school because of all the ridiculous rules that are being pulled out of the sky.