Riordan HR Analysis Part

The project requires an overhaul of the corporation’s Human Resource Information System (HRS). The desired goal for this project can be time consuming with the Integration of the new centrally located database.

Meanwhile, Implementing on-site training sessions can help to test the system and enable the employees to acquire the proper skills needed for the new HRS hardware and software.

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It would be reticent to seek the help of a project manager to help coordinate and achieve the specific targets within the specified budget and project deadline. Describe the implementation stage for this project. Include a discussion of the six major activities for the implementation stage as described in the text: Coding, Testing Software application testing Manual Automated Without code execution Inspections Syntax checking With code execution Walkout’s Desk checking unit testing Integration testing System testing Stub testing Installation: 1. Direct Installation: . Parallel Installation: 3.

Single location Installation: 4.

Phased Installation: Staged, incremental, gradual, based on system functional components Similar to bringing system out via multiple releases Allows for system development also to be phased Limits potential harm and costs from system error or failure to certain business activities/functions Risk spread over time Some benefits can be achieved early Each phase is small and more manageable Old and new systems must be able to work together and share data, which keel will require extra programming to “bridge” the two systems Conversion is constant and may extend over a long period, causing frustration and confusion for users Documentation Vendor shall provide updated instruction manuals available for all functions of the HRS product and other modules online to all users. Vendor shall issue regular update notifications on future upgrades or revisions to the HRS product and other modules. Training The selected vendor shall provide onsite instructor-led training for up to ten (10) employees to include administrator and users. Selected vendor shall ensure that a variety of training opportunities are available to users.

These may include annual conferences, regional workshops, online forums, and other methods to assist in the ongoing development of the user with the HRS product and other modules.

1. Corrective maintenance repairs flaws in a system’s design, coding, or implementation. 2. Adaptive maintenance implements changes to a system to evolve its functionality to changing business needs or technologies. 3. Perfective maintenance adds new features or improves system performance.

. Preventive maintenance avoids possible future problems Describe in the discussion of these six activities how each activity would be specifically planned for the individual project situation. Discuss the benefits of using defined and repeatable processes for accomplishing these activities for the implementation stage.