Windows Operating Systems Analysis

Windows Server 2003 Web Edition is not available in all channels. Open NL estimated price is $399. Contact a local System Builder, OEM, or reseller for actual prices or for more information on how to purchase. The Vista Business suggested retail price for full package product is $299. 00 USD and the suggested upgrade retail price is $199.

00 USD. There are two other home versions of Vista that are simply not reasonable for this type of business. Then there is Vista Ultimate the creme of the crop version. Its suggested retail price for the full package product is $399. 00 USD.

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The suggested upgrade retail price is $259. 00 USD.

The Ultimate version comes with a considerable monetary cost but the benefits are considerable as well. The question is whether or not the benefits that the Ultimate version provides are sufficient to cover the needs of Riordan, or are they just excess bells and whistles that are simply not necessary to meet their goals. The following is a comparison table of the different versions and their benefits from the Microsoft site: FeaturesBusinessUltimate Most secure Windows ever XX Quickly find what you need IE7 & Instant SearchXX Elegant Windows Aero desktop experience XX Best choice for laptops XX Collaborate and share documents

XX Extend Windows Vista XX Experience photos and entertainment X Enjoy Windows Media Center X Protect against hardware failure XX Windows Fax and Scan XX Use Scheduled Backup XX Easier remote access for your business XX Easier networking connectivity XX Better protect your data X Easily make DVDs X Have more fun on your PC X Create high definition movies X File Processing Riordan industries have a large amount of file and they need to have more security, therefore with the assistant directory the company is going to be able to separate each location with a domain and even thing about expansion of the company.

Each location it is going to have and individual set up, where the all users are going to have individual passwords and they are going to be able to manage their individual files. Riordan’s headquarters has some finance and administration users in each location. In those areas users will be able to transmit all required files to the headquarters office. Currently Riordan is using Ethernet and TCP/IP protocols at their San Jose and Hangzhou facilities, with the exception of San Jose which utilizes 5 MAC G5 computers that use AppleTalk.

Pontiac and Albany appear to be using the Token Ring protocol.

The rationale for Adopting Existing Protocols TCP/IP and Ethernet are the most widely used protocols across a wide segment of different computer platforms. By upgrading the current hardware company-wide, the TCP/IP protocol will already be built into the client and server machines’ browser software. The file system would be compatible with the existing hardware and it is going to be manageable and would support long file names, large volumes of data in the mean time it is going to offer better security.

Programming Capabilities The programming ability of Microsoft servers primarily revolves around the . NET Framework. The .

NET Framework is available on Windows NT and 98 platforms and higher. .NET provides developers and programmers tools to build applications that are fully managed, protected, feature-rich, with simplified development and deployment. The claim is that virtually any programming language can be used. This is true if there are no specific needs for programming in Java language, either in the future or for purposes of backward compatibility.

Other than this, applications can be built using C#, C++, ASP. NET, ADO. NET, Visual Basic . NET, to name a few. There are different versions of the framework available; however there are versions for all Windows Server products under consideration by Riordan. The latest version, Visual Studio 2008/.

NET Framework 3. 5, is compatible with XP Professional w/SP2 and Server 2003 entire family of editions, (MSDN). If however, it is determined to go with Server 2000 Advanced Server for the upgrade, then we will need Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/. NET Framework 2. 0, (MSDN).

Some points worth mentioning of what is added in version 3.

5 include: •Expanded support for distributed mobile applications •Improved debugging and updated diagnostic tools and features •improved support for developing AJAX applications •improved development views and CSS tools for web development and design •More efficiency in I/O, Garbage Collection, Read/Write locks, thread performance, cryptography, and Windows Forms – Click Once improvements (MSDN). Availability of Application Software The availability of application software for both Windows 2003 and Windows Vista is prevalent in the industry.