Windows Free Essay

Windows are the perfect metaphor for growing up. Windows can represent an escape or, conversely, a sanctuary. Windows are clear, yet they can seem so colorful because of the world that lies behind them. They hold mysteries while, nevertheless, concealing nothing.

Windows are both confusing and amazing. They are sometimes blurred with fingerprints, or breaths taken too closely, but that is all hidden from the human eye when it is fascinated with a scene behind them. The world can be a big and scary place and some people enjoy staying behind windows, safe and sound. They feel cocooned and protected as if they are untouchable. However, actually stepping outside the window can dissipate the fear of taking that first step out into the world.

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Once out of your safe place, you breath in fresh air, seeing things that you had never imagined, and, most importantly, becoming brave enough to stay outside of the window and not crawl back because you are too afraid to take a chance on all that the big, wide world has to offer. There are two opposite perspectives with regard to windows. The first one is from the inside, looking out. On the inside, a girl sits, quiet and anxious. She is looking out the window and feels scared–scared of experiencing something new and of anything outside the comfort zone of her normal, daily routine. It will take her a great deal of bravery in order to step outside, to breathe in the fresh air, and take advantage of all the adventure that is on the other side of the glass.

The second view is from the outside, looking in. On the outside, there is a brave and strong young woman. She is composed and mature. She looks into the window, and sees a small, confined, safe place, filled with memories and nostalgic thoughts. She has outgrown this part of her life, and is now grown up enough to live a big life full of bravery, instead of a small, anxious life. Anticipation is the most painful part of any project since it can give you anxiety.

Just sitting and continuously looking out the window breeds anxiety, as if you were waiting on line for a scary rollercoaster. Your heart beats quickly, your palms are sweaty, and you cannot help but think of all the bad things that could happen. But once you actually go, and take a leap of faith, you realize it is not as bad as you had expected. In fact, you end up having fun, and learn not to let your fear make decisions for you. Windows can also create literal and figurative boundaries.

Everything inside the window is private; everything outside the window is public. Inside the window, you can be you true self much more comfortably than outside of it. Anything becomes a secret, if you want it to, once behind the window. Behind the window, you have the ability to speak and act freely. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on the quality of the relationships inside. In a loving home, free speech brings the family closer by expressing their feelings.

In an abusive home, free speech and privacy can be weapons that traumatizes its victims. It is important for everyone to step outside their window, whether they come from a peaceful or a volatile home. Everyone needs to understand how much the world has to offer. It can feel scary, but the anxiety will disappear once you step outside and see that you are okay. Appreciate the beauty outside the window, and go and see it for yourself.