Rise of our Destruction and Darkness in our Hearts

The innocence of millions of kids shattered to pieces the moment their beliefs are changed from plain blank and white to all the possibilities. Santa the once beloved Christmas figure- who would have known- is now the cause of all the kids rebelling from their parents. The moment we find out that Santa isn’t real our little hearts turn black like the night sky for awhile.

In that time of darkness we turn against our parents- you know those two people that feed you- and turn into a winded tornado of destruction. That’s just how the boys feel in The Lord of the Flies when their knowledge is put to the test on the island and on each other. Golding uses rhetorical questions, and illustrative diction to convey the death of the boys’ innocence, and the rise of their once contained savagery along with their destruction. The officer confused and shocked by the boys actions and the destruction of the island comments toward the boys “… you’re all British, aren’t you”- no duh their British- he knows their little British boys just their looks and finding Jack with the other boys try to kill Ralph makes him doubt it. These boys were once civilized, self-controlled, but now their wild, violent-seriously what kids have their own weapons -, and last very animalistic.

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These kids have spears, knifes, and have their face painted to hid their harden faces. As Ralph wept for the end of their innocence, and the darkness of man’s heart we realize that it is not until that point in the story the surviving boys are lost in the darkness of their hearts. The savagery they now contain and hold on to like their favorite toy is killing not just them but the island also. Their faith, hope, and once pure hearts are lost in the depth of the once [majestic] island now a place that looks like the war has taken place there-irony cause there is a war going on-. Death that’s the cause of all the destruction and the boys turning into savaged animalistic kids.

First the death of the lil’un with the birthmark on his face killed in the wild fire that went through half of the island like a bull on a rampage. Then when they kill Simon thinking he’s the beasty- how wrong were they-. Last the death of wise, intelligent Piggy. Who would have known that Santa the giver of presents to all the good kids could also be one of causes to our rebelling at a very young age could have too much in common with the book The Lord of the Flies. Both start of like innocent stories then renovate into these starters of destruction. They both turn kids pure white hearts into holders of hatred and hurt.