Rhea benefits Case Study

Who are Rolls’ principal project management stakeholders? How would you design stakeholder management strategies to address their concerns? Rhea main manufactures are two which are Airbus and Boeing.

. Given the financial risks inherent in developing a Jet engine, make an argument, either pro or con for rolls to develop strategic partnerships with other Jet engine manufactures in manner similar to Airbus’s consortium arrangement.

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What are infinite and drawbacks in such an arrangement? Rhea benefits are: The future opportunities will involve larger and more economically viable aircraft. Take large finical gamble that have a correct strategic vision of the future. The drawbacks are: The strategic decision that offers the potential for huge payoffs or significant losses.

2. 2 Case study – Paradise Lost: The Xerox Alto Do you see a logical contradiction in Xerox’s willingness to devote millions of dollars to support pure research sites like PARA and then its refusal to commercially

Introduce the products produced? Fees, he targeted to devote millions of dollars to support sites but he monopolized products to increase his revenues without any competitors. . How does Xerox’s strategic vision work in favor or against the development of radical new technologies such as the Alto? It works against the development of radical new technologies because such things developed by Xerox since 1973 but it didn’t introduced thus his opportunity was lost. How did other unforeseeable events combine to make Xerox’s executives unwilling to take any new risks precisely at the time that the Alto was ready to be released? “hen IBM released a new electrical typewriter Xerox’s executives did the same. 4. Radical innovation cannot be too radical it we want I t to be commercially successful” argue either in favor or against this statement? Fees, it is true. Sine it is important to introduce innovation in the market and evaluate TTS uses as an opportunity to competitors to learn from each other and develop things.