Rome Italy

Have you ever thought about the places you want to see? I have, and i especially want to see one place in particular rome italy.

There are tons of things to see in rome.The most famous would probably be the colosseum. It used to be home to many gladiator and wild animal fights. It held up to 55,000 people. Also not to mention all of the italian resturants to visit. But to see the colosseum and all of the historical sights you first have to know how to get there.

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Well you can get plane tickets for about 400 dollars round trip in this economy.But you still need to get the money. And that is your choice you can do many things like save up any money you get or even start your own fundraiser. Besides having a good time around the city you could also benifit from it. You could compare italy’s culture to your own.

Also being around all of that history you are destined to learn something. There are lots of things to do in rome and somwe that you could benifit from. So i hope you see why i want to go to Rome Italy.