Venice Italy

A small town in Italy situated at the North of Italy is a blessed town with natural beauty. It is an old city which has holds most of its natural features in the area and a place you will never wish to get out once you arrive there. With a population of only 272,000 (census estimated on January 2004), it is capable of maintaining its nature without interfering with peoples, style of living.

In the Venice town, there are no uses of vehicles like most of the countries but they use ships and boats only as a way of transport hence no major roads. Water is the main use of transportation. The citizen use Venetian which is a Romance language and it is spoken by most of the people living in the area. This keeps them together and plays a big role in maintaining their culture (Morris, 1993). In Venice Italy, there are so many attractions like St mark’s basilica which contains a lot of art work attracting more tourists, the Grand canal and the Piazza Marco just to mention but a few. In this small town, vehicles are banned completely from the town and one can either use foot or water to move around observing the magical naural beauty of the town.

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The town is filled with palaces and art and the art is allover the town making it look like a museum. From the look of town at a glance, one may think that they spent all their time making the statues, but new scenes crop daily. Venice stands out in good music, good wine, fashions and interior designing.They have excellent foods and it is only in Venice that you will find the best wine that cannot be compared by any other wines in other countries. When you drink wine from Venice Italy, you will never go for any other wine but their old natural wine. They mostly use sea foods called the Cuisine.

When one gets hungry; you will never regret buying food from the town. The most common food is the baicoli which is an oval shaped cookie that is preferred by most of their residents and the tourists in the area. They also use fish from the lakes and this can be prepared using five different methods and there are no spices added apart from the natural cucumber, garlic and onions. The food is prepared in various methods yet they still produce the best. They have festive activities and the mostt important is that of carnival of Venice which appears annually in their calendar. Venice biennale is a very important event in their calendar and is celebrated every 19th April of every year.

During this period, all the art works are placed on exhibition for people to view freely. If one gets a chance to visit Venice at this period, it becomes difficult to leave the town because of the scenes that are displayed allover (Bing, 2009).In a nutshell, Venice in Italy is generally blessed with natural beauty. Starting from the name which has become synonymous and has been used by most architecture, they still possess excellent scenes that attract tourists in the area. Being in Venice Italy is a trip that one must make at least once in lifetime.

The hotels are made naturally avoiding completely the modern style of house construction making the hotels look like a home though away from your own home. Although it is a small town within Italy, it is full of wonders that one cannot miss out to visit and see for himself. On hills camels are used to make people cross over and go to the other side of the town.