Safer enviroments create safer sex

Should schools be able to distribute common forms of contraceptives? Some parents believe if birth control is provided in the school environment that their children will become more reckless with their sex lives. On the other hand, parents believe that kids will be kids and the more access they have to condoms and birth control pills the better.

Parents have mixed messages on whether or not their children should have access to contraceptives at school. The common forms of birth control such as the pill and condoms should be allowed to be distributed at schools. Parents do have the right over their child’s life as far as education, health, and security. Being a parent does not mean they have the right over their child’s personal decision. Being able have the access to safe sex is better then not when put into a sexual situation. How the student was raised is how they will decide on if they want the contraceptive or not.

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Some parents believe that the more access to contraceptives, the most sexual activity will be going on in their child’s life. If parents think that then what makes them believe that they aren’t spending their money on the pill or condoms behind their back? Creating that accessibility would create more safe sex which is 100% preferable. If un protected sex were to occur, and the child gets pregnant or contracts an STD, then it was probably because they didn’t have access to the tools they needed. It is safe to say, if they were to have that access in the first place and they do get pregnant or an STD, then you know your child is really reckless if they didn’t use their recourses. The school’s number one priority is to keep the students safe. If its safe from diseases or teen parenting, then contraceptives should be allowed to be distributed in the school.

Safe sex decisions should be encouraged where ever the minor goes because the fact is they will have sex and its better if its safe then unprotected.