Do You Feel Safer?

Do You Feel Safer? Would you feel safer if there was an armed guard guarding your school? What if I told you that 54% of adults feel safer if their child attends a school that has an armed guard. (Most Feel Safer With Armed Security Guard at Child’s School). You are probably pretty shocked. Do you think this is a good idea? I personally think so.

How would you feel if there was a guard that was there to help the school, for whatever they were needed for. Sounds pretty great, right? This would save the school from all of the kids who would want to kill, or harm any other students. The guard would also have a complete background check, from medical checks to DUI’s. In addition I feel like this would be so much safer in the bigger public schools like in big cities. I feel if schools start using armed guards, there would be less shootings and less deaths in school. School is our home away from home.

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You should be able to go to school feeling welcome and safe, not feeling like you will be harmed by another classmate. Out of 498 schools, 118 schools use armed guards. (Mike Wereschagin and Bill Vidonic). I feel like more schools should look into this and keep their school a safe environment. Of course there is going to be bullying in school. It will most likely be around for ever.

But we have to keep a better eye out for future shooters or deprest kids. If someone want to harm another student they will do it. If it’s passing through security or waiting outside till the day is over. (Mike Wereschagin and Bill Vidonic). Maybe we should have guards patrolling the school grounds. This would help cracking down on the use of drugs and alcohol of high schoolers to.

99% of schools use visitor sign in. 92% use locked or monitored doors. 63% of schools use Electronic Notification Systems. (Mike Wereschagin and Bill Vidonic). Again, I feel like more schools should open their minds to armed guards. The state law requires a judge’s approval of the guards and their arrest powers.

(Mike Wereschagin and Bill Vidonic). This means there will not be any guards that are mentally ill or has a history in jail. Also they would not be able to arrest any kid they want. This will all make your school and others safer in the future. If you want to have a safer school, then maybe this is not a bad option.

Although this may sound like this is taking away the children’s freedom away, but this is the way of the future, a school revolution. Kids are getting more exposed to guns. It is very easy for them to get a gun. Although, more and more schools are converting to armed guards, guarding their school. In conclusion, I feel like more schools should convert to armed guards guarding schools.

More and more schools are converting each year. This is the way of the future. The future of keeping children safe in their home away from home. This will help stop mass shootings in schools. It will also help with stopping drugs in the high school part of the school.

At last, schools should change to armed guards guarding their school.