The Man

The train was running late that afternoon. George felt as if his hair was getting grayer than it already was.

“This is absurd” he said to himself, “i’m gonna be late to my doctors appointment.” George called his doctor’s office and asked to reschedule the appointment for tomorrow. The next day when George woke up he had forgotten that it was his birthday. When george whent to the doctors he had found out that he had alzheimer’s disease and that’s why he couldn’t remember his birthdate. George and mike always fight about everything and Mike always makes George feel like a burden.George always had a problem with remembering things that’s one thing he hated most about himself, but he never thought it was something so serious.

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He decided that it was time to move in with his nephew Mike. Some time has gone by and George is depressed because he can’t remember anything, he can’t remember the taste of the food he had from all the vacations he’s been to or the sights that he saw. Mike was always mean to George because he couldn’t take care of himself and Mike always wanted to go out with his friends. When Mike wanted to be nice he would Take george to the zoo and he would take pictures off all of the animals they would see because he never remembered going. “I love going to the zoo” george said to mike “thank you for taking me,” Mike tells George “you’re welcome we should do it more often”