The World Today

There are two types of societies today in the modern world. The first type of society is where the ASL ice bucket challenge is most important. I fully understand the cause and effect for the ASL ice bucket challenge, and I love how people created this way of funding amyotrophic lateral sclerosis disease, but not all people actually care for the challenge. The second society is where people care more about local street crime and police forces going against street crime.

A prime example is the Mike Brown case. That was a very serious case and needs to be shown to the world for teenage safety. This world is divided by those two societies, and this is a major issue. Mike Brown was an African-American teen that was shot by a policeman on August 9, 2014. The story behind this case was that Brown and his friend Dorian Johnson went to the Ferguson Market and liquor store and was involved in a strong-arm robbery.

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Darren Wilson was the police officer that shot Brown. He stopped the two teens without even knowing they were in a strong-arm robbery. That is a very important fact because it shows that he was interrogating Mike Brown without even knowing about the armed-robbery. The officer shot Mike Brown after he wrestled him into the car. Dorian then ran and hid behind a car.

Mike Brown turned around and put his hands up in the arm before the officer gunned him down with an overkill of ten shots. This case can show a better way to handle a very dangerous situation with policemen or anybody with harmful objects. The ice bucket challenge is very important but it isn’t participated in the correct way. If a person is nominated, then they have 24 hours to donate $5 or more and pour the ice bucket on themselves. People who are nominated wait till weeks later and then do the challenge without donating money.

Also, people don’t understand what this challenge is actually for. This ice bucket challenge is taken way more serious than local street crime. I have seen more people do the ice bucket challenge incorrectly than more people actually caring about the people who live on the street. A perfect example is the Mike Brown case being compared to the ice bucket challenge. In conclusion, both stories could’ve had a better solution in the end.

The ice bucket challenge could’ve ended with more money inquired and less people doing the challenge for fun. The Mike Brown case could’ve ended multiple ways with both Mike and Darren home safely. Things needs to change in this world, starting with caring more for local street crime rather an incorrect way of funding a serious disease.