Safety Training in Working Places

Safety is a great measure in all fields or anywhere in the world. Safety is therefore described as the condition of being certain that protection is given due to anything that may cause harm either physically emotionally or even spiritually; “insure the safety of the young children and even their parents”;safety of workers and even safety of a nation.Safety is further described as the Freedom from whatever subjects a person or people to risk or even result to harm or even danger to protection and also the quality of making or secure, or of giving confidence, justifying trust, insuring against harm or loss, of peoples life’s or property.In many places in the world factories are mainly the places with a lot of workers and most dangerous this is mainly because factories are groups of buildings or a building where goods are manufactured this involves different processes where different products are produced.A factory depending on the size always has a lot of workers or employees and due to the many kinds of dangers they are exposed to while working safety measures should be considered by all means. The staff working in the factory should be protected in order to avoid loosing workers due to accidents that occur in the factories and can be avoided.

In many factories different measures are taken depending on what the factory produces because others are of more dangers than others and precautions are different. There very many dangers that are experienced in factories which would cause the working experience of workers very uncomfortable. Preventing accidents and ill health caused by work is a key priority for everyone at work. As the owner or employers of a factory knows that competent employees are valuable.Safety training is very important in factories and anywhere else. Safety training is the giving of information which clearly contains the dos and don’ts of the factories health policies.

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Safety training should be done on a regular basis and in a simple and clear manner to make sure all the employees and even employers understand easily and are able to work with the guidelines given.There are a lot of dangers in factories the very common ones are for example cleanliness where by sanitation is very poor and no clean water to drink this may cause communicable diseases like typhoid and cholera which may cause a lot of workers being affected and they may not even be able to work at all.A factory should have very good ventilation considering the pollution. Factories have very many dangers this dangers and all of them have preventions and precautions that should be considered the factories should be built with very good ventilations to ensure very good air circulation this is mainly due to the air pollution that is experienced inside the factory where very dangerous chemicals are used. The safety policy of any factory should ensure that all the employees have the right protective clothing for their job that is proper shoes head gears gloves and either jackets and even gas masks and if any factory does not follow this action should be taken against the factory.Fire exits and extinguishers should be a major item in any factory and this should be well confirmed by authorities this is avoiding suffocation and many lose of lives in case fire outbreaks piped water should be always accessible because it also helps in putting out the fires employees should be well trained on how to use the fire extinguishers and should therefore know where they placed in the factory and what they should do incase of a fire.

A clear and neat organization in the factory should be well taken care of where by heavy goods being carried around the factory is placed where it will not cause any harm to the workers in this case the trucks should avoid being near the places where workers are either standing or working signs should be placed in all danger zones to avoid avoidable accidents.Precautions are very important because it helps to avoid a lot of accidents of which proper safety training is the major remedy of safety in a factory this helps in many ways, it ensures all the employees are not at risk of being injured unnecessarily or fall ill because of the work they do. It also helps everyone in the factory to adopt a positive health and safety culture in cases whereby safety and health working becomes a second nature to all the staff including employees and employers. The managers are also aware of how to meet the legal duties to protect the health and safety of the employee’s.In conclusion it has been repeatedly said that prevention is better than cure and it has greatly applied in this sector of the factory it has all the advantages because it will help greatly to contribute towards making the employees competent in health and safety. It will also help the factory to avoid distress that accidents and ill health cause and above all it will help to avoid high financial costs of accidents and ill health especially because insurance does not cover all the cost like damaged products, demoralized staff and lost production