Langston Huges writes on how he deceived the whole congregation in his Auntie Reeds’ church that he had seen Jesus and accepted Him as his personal savior in “Salvation” (Hunges, n.

d.). Langston was only twelve when the church held a big revival for weeks, which made even the very hardened sinners to be brought to Christ. Little did he know that some of them may have accepted salvation hesitantly. His aunt convinced him to join a special meeting for children in the church.

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It was held just before the revival ended. His aunt had told him that when a person receives salvation, “he sees light, something happens to him inside, Jesus came into his life, and he could see and hear and feel Jesus in his soul” (Hunges, n.d.), which Langston believed. After the preacher’s sermon, children were called to receive Jesus.

All, except Langston and Westley, went to the church alter and were saved. Langstone still waited to see Jesus. After persistent prayers and songs performed by the congregation for the two to get saved, Langston and Westle decided to be saved for the sake. Their decision was accompanied by shouts of joy from the congregation. Langston later regretted and cried in bed for having lied to God and everybody in the church.

His aunt, however, thought that he was crying because the Holy Ghost had come over him. I believe that salvation is about an individual’s self-conviction. A person should just invite his or her friend/relative to a church, let the priest preach the word of God to him and let him decide whether to get saved or not. It is through the preaching that a person gets convicted and receives Jesus. People should not do things that will force others into salvation when they are not ready as this causes regrets in future. Langston was pushed into salvation by church members, went and got saved unwillingly, and later regretted by crying in his bed.