SAT Free Essay Example

Why do we have them? What is the point? They aren’t going to help us in college, and they won’t help us become better citizens of these United States. All we do is stay up constantly for several months straight to take a five hour test. Most of us stay up the night before to review what we studied for english and math. When the test day comes we wind up falling a sleep during the test. Most of us study our butts off to get a college acceptable grade, but if we don’t get that one right grade, our plans to get into our dream college are shattered to many pieces.

Sure, I cannot change the way SATs work, but many people have the same idea, and it only takes one person to get it started. If I had the power I would change the way SATs work. I would put them in a way our generation and beyond would find suitable. Yes, we do have to take the SATs to get into college. They might be a darag, but if you prepare yourself at least in seventh or eighth grade your key of your dreams will be given to you.

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