Satisfaction of Employees

Coca Cola is among the top rated companies in the world. These rating involve multinational companies which operate in more than one country, and also under the same management policies. Though having different managers, they are guided by the same management policies which are shaped by the environment they are operating (, 2011). Success of these multinational companies is determined using factors such; as the geographical coverage by these companies. These are the number of countries in which the company is operating around the world. The profit margins realized by these companies are also used to determine the levels of success of each company. Making of profit is one of the main aims of putting up a company.

The much profit realized may be used as a measure of success. What the company is giving back to the society is also used as a measure of rating their overall performance. This is what is regarded to as the corporate social responsibility. Companies must give back to the society, is through provision of employment opportunities, controlling pollution among other responsibilities of corporate social responsibility. In this case Coca-Cola Company has resulted to be among the top 100 performing companies in the world. The following factors have made his employees to make achieve the best results.

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In human resource management, personnel are the yardstick of success to every management. Employees are the most vital asset that any organization can ever have; this implies that if they are well motivated they are capable of realizing the long term goals of the organization. Motivation is the only factor that can be applied to bring satisfaction to the employees (, 2011). The kind of working environment which the employees are working in should be well equipped.

Most of the time, employee’s level of productivity is determined y means which they use to achieve the predetermined ends by the management. It also of fundamental for the machinery which is provided to the employees to work with should be in line with existing technology. Technology is the most dynamic factor of production thus if any organization does not change in technology, may end up producing outdated products. This may result to a company not in a position to compete intensively with existing or established companies (The Coca-Cola Company, 2011). If best supplies for the equipment are provided, employees feel motivated and satisfied working with them.

This is because they feel they have got what it takes to get the job well done. Promotion is a kind of give to an employee from his regular pleasing performance. If this promotion is done from the employees within the organization, they are motivated towards working harder bearing in mind that they can get promotion under the roof which they are working in. this also illustrate that the company is satisfied with what is being offered by the employees. This makes employees believe that they are not stuck in a kind of stuck job.

Incentive to work hard is installed in employees through this act of motivating them. Employees should be provided with breaks which are long enough for them to recharge their batteries as they bump back to working environment. This makes employees more productive in the time which they are in working environment. This makes them to improve their productivity and achievement of the overall goals is achieved. Job security should be provided to the employees at all cost. When employees are secure, in that they can be sure they can’t lose their positions in the organizations they are working in.

this can be achieved if they are not protected from joining any of the labor unions. These are the unions which act on behalf of the workers in case of any dispute with the oorganization since they take the employers position. Employees are protected from any form of exploitation and protect their rights form being violated. According to Maslow theory of needs, the second need is the need for the security. This is security from physical or emotional harm.

There also the need for a stable environment which is free from any threats. Recognition of efforts through hand out achievements awards is also part of motivation to employees. Apart from monetary awards, workers should be n reinforcement given any type of social motivation to boost them achieve the goals of the organization. These are the types of awards which in an excellent way improve the performance of the employees. They take forms of jackets, certificates, special parking among other types of awards to improve performance standards. According to Maslow theory of needs, esteem need for status, recognition, and attention from others.

Apart from monetary terms to encourage employees, some may need more which maybe inform of encouraging word. In reinforcement theory, people like to engage in the desire or actions if they are rewarded (Wiedmer, 2011).According to Maslow, hierarchy of needs, for human being to feel satisfied and motivated, social needs should be provided. This is the need for affiliation, sense of belonging, acceptance and friendship or companionship. Need for affiliation is the desire and accepted by others. Individuals with a high need for affiliation strive; prefer situations which are rather competitive and desired relationship that involve a high degree of mutual understanding (Wiedmer, 2011).

In conclusion, the above factors bring about motivation of employees. On the other hand if employees are satisfied with the position they hold in the organization they work in. productivity of employees is determined by the levels of satisfaction of different types of employees.