Saving Lives! Free Essay Example

Cough, cough, cough.

I put an IV needle into the patient’s arm to draw blood. As a nurse, you might have to deal with serious health conditions including emergency, and death situations.Health Care requires individuals to have patience, be compassionate and sympathetic.Even if you don’t have the requirements needed to be a nurse, you may specialize in certificate programs. Phlebotomy and dialysis to name a few.

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To achieve the goal of your dream career you will need to find the pieces to your puzzle. Keep calm and become a nurse Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) this is the most common way to obtain a Registered Nurse License.Nursing programs requires students to complete a two- year course at a community college.Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (BSN) usually takes four years to complete this program and requires more training in social science.Many students obtain their BSN after working as an entry level nurse. “A Registered Nurse is healthcare professionals, who protects, advocate, and educate patients about their health conditions.

(“Registered Nurse Job Description – How to Become an RN | Snagajob”). As a Registered Nurse, you will need to have Nursing malpractice insurance, know how to use critical thinking, attention to detail to operate under stressful situation, and good communication skills because you will face patients who are scared, shocked, or in -pain. As a Registered Nurse you are required to hold a state nursing license. Foundation of Nursing “Associate degree, or Bachelor of science in nursing. According to the USA, the BLS estimated as 19% job growth in years of 2012-2022.

Registered nurses earn $66,220 as a median annual wage” (“Website”). Job Beneficials Many nursing jobs have different benefits, such as life insurance which is plans that offer a lump sum payment to family or friends in the event you have an accident, health insurance most Registered Nursing Jobs offer comprehensive health insurance plans for you and your family, pension plans A pension plan is a retirement account where you get paid on a regular basis.The longer you are with a healthcare organization, the more money you can receive.(“Registered Nurse Benefits – What Is a Registered Nurse”). In conclusion, your dream career is your choice, but I prefer a Registered Nurse, I want to save lives.

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