Scariest Times

Every school is different in some sort of way. Whether they have a smaller amount of students or larger amount of students, whether they excel in academics, or are amazing in athletics. But one thing that they have in common would be how the kids are. All the different cliques/groups and how they treat eachother.

In the movies they portray what high school is like, and it can truly make you wonder, is that what high school is really like? You start off with the jocks, who think they are the best and everyone wants to be just like them, You have the cheerleaders that are gorgeous, and make everyone feel bad about themselves. Then you come to the band geeks, and smart people who get picked on non-stop, and do absolutley nothing about. All this may seem true but the way Hollywood portrays high school can be prety far off. It all starts with that first day of high school , where all you are worried about and want is to fit in. You want the “cool” kids to like you, so in some cases you change things about yourself.

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Everything you buy is what they wear or have, everything you may have once liked or believed in is gone. Whether it is that abercrombie shirt, that coach purse, or your favorite band. There is nothing wrong with wanting to fit in, I mean who doesn’t want to? High school is supposed to be the best four years of your life, and who wants to spend those years as on outsider. That’s the main issue with teenagers. Everyone can be so hung up in their own groups or trying to be cool, and can lose sight of themselves. No matter what you always think that someone is better than you or your better than someone else.

Those days when you are in a class with no one, and are afraid to talk to someone new because you aren’t sure what they will say or think of you. You get that feeling of kindergarten all over again when you don’t know anyone and don’t know what to say or what to do. But the difference of kindergarten and high school is its all about how you look now. Worried what people will be thinking if you do this, or listen to that. The times of being little and going up to someone and saying, ” Wanna be friends,” are gone, because now people judge and are afriad to let people see the real them.

High school is the time when your friends are your life, and couldn’t live without them. The times at lunch when someone is sitting alone, and no one goes up and invites them to their table to eat. It may be some sort of wonder of do they want to sit alone, or do they not have anyone to sit with? High school is a fun and rough four years, it’s a time that people need to be included. Kids need to stop worrying about what they look like, or what they drive. People who are loud and crazy doesn’t make them weird, it just means they have a good personality, and know how to have fun.

High school is already hard as it is. And the need to fit in is scary and can hold people back from a lot. High school isn’t what Hollywood makes it out to be. In a way its very different. They show the sterotypical high school, and its nothing like that.

You have the jocks, cheerleaders, and band geeks, but their roles in school are all different in places.