Free Essay on School Dress Code

We’re told from a young age time and time again that our body is, essentially, a sanctuary. We’re to guard it, defend it, and, substantially evident among schools, cover it.

Not to speak on behalf of all schools, however my school has a strict, enforced code about proper clothing. Restrictions vary from a four inch inseam on shorts to having tank tops be a certain width. While one can recognize the logic behind shorts, the agenda here is to address the extremity of the latter regulation, tank width. What? Shoulders are now the new sexual trend? Or, shirts that hang off on one shoulder. Wow, take a gander at that fine shoulder.

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Really? No spaghetti straps, tank tops with thinner straps, or off the shoulder shirts. Cover it up, they say. As a student, I can understand the consequences of my outfit, but I am in no way revealing any provocative parts, as short shorts may reveal, well your rear end. Administration needs to get real.