School Isn’t the Problem Free Essay Example

I love siting down in the cold seat as the bell rings for class. I love taking notes while the teacher rambles on for a mere hour. I love the feeling of writing a test because I know I have study well and I understand each and every question. No one else seems to share the same passion as me.

They say school ruins their life, taking away from their free time. Taking away the time in which they could be hanging out with one another. They mock the teachers and complain about the homework, making up acronyms like S.C.H.

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O.O.L. (Seven Crappy Hours Of Our Lives). No effort is put in classes, thus the home work builds up. You can’t blame the teachers for the homework load when you didn’t use the time you had.

Sometimes it’s uneven, with hours of work on one night and none on another, but that’s just the way it goes. There is a thirst for knowledge I have, and I could spend hours researching on assignments that only needs to take thirty minutes. Yes, this is not necessary, but I want to. However, the students take away the joy of school. Labeling me as a geek, leaving me out because they think I only have time for homework.

They take my passion and crush, using it against me.Eventually, I let this define me. I say no to hanging out because “I have too much homework,” or “I can’t go out on a school night,” because that is what they expect. So yes, I love school and I love to learn. But let me get one thing straight, the only flaw of School isn’t the work load; it’s the students who ruin it for you