School Free Essay Sample

For a young girl like me, school is very stressful. Seven hours a day. The worst way and place to spend seven hours of your day.

You sit in four classes for an hour and a half every day. You put up with all the crap you get from teachers, and from other students. Personally, I think you should get paid to go to school. It’s technically classified as “work” and nobody wants to do it, so they should just pay us. I come home with piles and hours of homework and stress as if seven hours isn’t enough.

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Seven hours during the day at school, and then four hours of school work when I come home. This is totally unfair. Personally, I think they should shorten the school day and I think that homework should be banned. The amount of time students like myself put into school is absolutely ridiculous. We are kids.

We have a life.