Argumentative Essay on High School

When I was in Elementary school, all I wanted to do was grow up. All I wanted to do was get to high school.

I envied all the teenagers because, while I was out on the play ground they got to go to, what seemed like, the coolest place in the world. But, now that I have reached that place, I envy the six year olds who can play games in class everyday with out a care in the world. I would love to go back to elementary school where it felt like nothing could hurt you. Where your biggest fear was falling off the monkey bars or getting out while playing tag. When I got into middle school everything got a bit more serious.

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When I first got my middle school schedule I thought “WHAT? No recess? This has got to be some kind of sick joke!” I soon realized it was no joke. After a couple of weeks it hit me that I actually hard to work for my grades. That the teachers weren’t going to give me extra credit because I color coated my math homework. On the first day of sixth grade I came home and thought that those were going to be the toughest three years of my life. On the first day of ninth grade I came home and said to myself, that I was wrong in sixth grade, that the next four years will be the toughest. High school is going to be great, but it is also going to be scary.

All that you want to be, or all that you want to accomplish relies on your four years in the “big kid school”. Thinking about how your whole future can rely on that one Spanish test or that one history project can really stress you out. Your GPA can change with just one grade. In middle school I was also worried about my grades but this is like a whole new world. Going to high school is a new challenge, and life is all about challenges.