School, Life and Everything In between

Oh school. The mini, taster sample of society, the true test of your endurance of survival amongst the horrid cliques and labels. You’ve got them all lined up, the jocks, the populars, the nerds, the emos, the druggies, the social outcasts and then everybody else.

But I’m not going to start off with the cliche, oh, cliques and groups are terrible, they’re unfair, nerds and geeks should unite and overthrow them. I’m not going to bother sugar coating things and I’ll just get straight to the point with my opinions. As I said before, school is a small scale society. With the variety of different people, from the moment we started practicing agriculture, as old as human history, inequality and diversity have been prevalent throughout humanity and it always will be, anytime, anywhere. Not everyone is going to be the same, not everybody is going to like the same things, have the same goals and that’s why these groups naturally were created in the first place. Geeks gravitate towards each other share a common love for computers, jocks form groups when they see other people with big muscles and physical and athletic talent and nerds flock together when they see people huddling around with their calculators.

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It’s true, there’s no denying it, it’s in human nature for people to find others that are similar to them and it’s always been that way throughout history. But that’s what makes the world turn. If we had everyone morphed into one giant clique, with all the same interests, the world would be pretty boring, wouldn’t it? Would you want to live in a society where we have seven billion doctors? Or seven billion garbage men? Probably not, we still need others to fulfill our other needs. Construction men, lawyers, scientists, business operators, employees, everyone has a role in making everyone else’s lives better. Cliques don’t sound so bad now, do they? That’s where you’re wrong. We haven’t gotten to the “good stuff” yet.

Not everyone is nice. Not everyone is going to support you, not everyone is going to like you. That’s the way it is, once again, it’s human nature. Though one person may appreciate who you are, there are seven billion other opinions out there and it’s guaranteed not everyone of them will share the same opinions and it’s guaranteed not that not all seven billion will be kind to you. Everything thing has its negative side, its ugly side we don’t want to see, but sometimes it comes up to you pries your eyes open and force you to look at them. Though diversity is celebrated, fueling innovation and better lives, with that also comes with diverse personalities, not all of them nice.

Some take pleasure in others misery, enjoying every moment of some else’s pain. It’s sad, it’s awful, but it’s life. Bullies are everywhere in life, the high school ones you encountered are just a sampler of the bullies that are going to come when you step out into society. The power someone could hold over your life is frightening, it’s not cowardly to admit that, and unfortunately, sometimes they abuse that power. High school is going to seem minuscule when you enter society, when you look back and see how simple it was back then. Though the arguments, fights, back stabbing and lowly pranks may seem like a huge ordeal at the present, in the future, you’re probably just going to laugh at how trivial it was.

But you know what, you’re not weak for being upset in the moment, being hurt and angry. It’s like running a marathon, the first time you run it, you literally feel death is beckoning you, but the second time, the third time you slowly get stronger and stronger and soon enough, you get faster and any marathon they throw at you is going to be a walk in the park. Life is always going to have its obstacles wherever you go, whether it’s school, jobs everything. That’s what makes life, well life. If you’re going through a tough time right now, I can’t say that I’ve been through what you’ve had to experience, because I haven’t. I can’t tell you everything will be okay, because I don’t if it will.

Trust me, I want to but I can’t. But I’m sure you’ll find someone who will. Remember, there’s even billion people out there, if you’re going through something terrible, you are never alone in your situation. Life goes on and it won’t stop for you, so beat down every thing it chucks your way. Heck, if it doesn’t work out and hits you on the head, just get a pack of ice and keep fighting.

At least it’ll be a good story to tell the grandkids.