A Day in the Life of a High School Student



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Beep. That’s the sound of my 6 O’Clock alarm sounding and the start of an average week day for me. I wake up at 6am, take a shower and ready my self for the long, exhausting school day ahead of me. By 7am I’m in the car and on my way to what feels like prison. It’s the same routine day after day, wake up, spend seven hours at school, then go home, spend a few hours wondering how I’m still sane, and go to sleep only to repeat the cycle the next day. I arrive at school by 7:30am and dread the long day ahead of me.

Somehow I manage to survive through first block, Journalism, while picking up absolutely no knowledge. The next thing I know it’s 9:40am and I’m taking my U.S. History test, which I’m confident I’ll pass with flying colors as I do with every other one. My grade in U.

S. History is currently a 97 and that’s only because I have an exceptionally good memory. Many of my classmates don’t have the advantage that I do. The main reason I’ve made good grades my entire life is because I have a good memory, but just because I make good grades does not mean I enjoy school, I have never enjoyed school and never will. Tick.


It’s 11:15am time for third block, Concepts of Agriscience, where I’m currently typing this article which in itself explains how much learning we do in here. Eleventh grade is halfway through and I’m ready to graduate. The only thing that keeps me going is fourth block, Soccer. O, how I love soccer practice and being able to get around and move. By 4:30pm practice will be over and I’ll be headed home and doomed to repeat it all over again.

If it weren’t for school sports I honestly don’t know how I’d have made it this far.