Pressure is building up among high school student

Hong Kong University students are holding the extremely high standard on behalf of academic result and performance when compare with other South Asia regions. Non-surprisingly, fellow students need to overcome fence competition in order to gain a place in university. Indeed, with the holy purpose to make students become more creative and competitive and at the same time to endure less pressure from other regions, the Hong Kong government have launch the new public examination?the HISSED, which is the origin of the great pressure of the fellow folks.

One of the most obvious flaws in the recent system is the school assessments which builds up great pressure among students and contradicts with the final purpose of the HAKE education reform?to relieve pressure from our fellows. The Hissed requires continue assessments of which starts from form 4. Throughout the high school period, senior students have to endure pressure from both assessments and the preparations for the public exam. Only by imaging we are both eating and talking at the same time could we understand how ridiculous the situation is, not to count he high study hours and dummy homework workload.

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The problem of the current system Is that the add up effect of school assessments may haunt you for years. By adding up the mistakes a person make throughout high school years, one could lose many marks in the examination.

If you don’t like your job, you can quite. But high school students can’t, they have to face their nightmare every day and there are no ways to escape. Another Issue that worth to discuss is the examination itself which requires format and that contradicts with the purpose to make students become more creative.

The HAKE obviously require students to learn format In order to gain high marks. This point of view is evidenced by the uploaded student performance PDF on the AAA website, which shows exemplar of different levels of which at the same time, shows that higher level students are not much bright than lower level students after all— they Just get the format and they win.

After three years of high school, what students gain Is not their creativity but high pressure and low self-esteem because only a few success.

In order to relieve students’ pressure and to get back to the right track of the education reform, the HAKE should cut off the school assessments immediately and focus on the examination paper reform. If the spoon-feel duke episode is to be ended, the HAKE should not focus on the format of the paper answer anymore. No one can deny that certain format make the process of making much easier, but at the is to be the international Joke, especially among the South Asia, may be the AAA should reset the CE and AL examination.