School Situation

I think that what would make students happy, is for their education to be interesting. Right now, school is very dull for most kids.

The only time teachers are actually fun, is when they’re actually good teachers. For the economy, the only thing that can really satisfy the economy, you would need a lot of money. So what would make the economy and students happy, is the students getting good job, and earning money. That way, both sides would be happy. The economy likes money, and so does the economy.

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My opinion on the article, is that what it’s saying is right. Right now, the board of education is training us to be, as the article said, cogs part of a corporate machine. Right now, the board of Ed, is trying to cram information into our heads by the end of a school year, and whether you sink or swim, depends on whether you’re up for it or not. The thing is, the board of education doesn’t care about us being happy with our education, all they really want is mindless workers, that haul in money to them. Money is an evil thing. Sure, it could be useful, but it’s taken over the U.

S. already. There was a time back then, when people other than your parents actually care about you getting a good education, but now, that gone. They just teach us the things that we need to know, and nothing more, so we can work, earn money, and pay them, that’s all. That’s all anyone cares about nowadays, money. It’s taken over our daily lives, and we work hard for it, while the government sits there and takes our money.

Then they split that money with the board of education, and other government run programs, and then they pay the government back, by producing more mindless workers. In my opinion, money has the power to corrupt. At first, if you ask somebody to do something, they’ll probably say no. Offer a certain amount of money, and of course they’ll agree. Only people that are really aware of what’s going on, notice these things.

Everybody else, just studies hard, and tries to cram information into their head, and eventually becomes a mindless worker. The way the world works now, you spend about 22 years of school, work the rest of your life and then die. People might wonder about retirement, but unless you can afford that, you can’t retire. But then there’s a problem. It’s gotten so hard to retire, that in the time that you’re using to earn money for retirement, you might not get a job and become homeless, or you work for the rest of your life, still.

So we live in a world, where you really can’t live the rest of your life freely, or settle down, unless you’re rich. I think that this should be stopped. Starting with the board of education. Most kids, if you ask them if they enjoy learning, and school, they’ll tell you it’s like a prison. You’re stuck there for hours and hours, and nowadays, teachers, if you missed something, they won’t slow down, and if you”re behind you’re left behind.

The way today works, if you’re left behind, nobody comes back to help you up. People say that when they get pushed down, someone helps you up. This is sort of an example made by the government, who, yes, is corrupt by money. When in reality, the government leaves you behind, or in some cases is the one who has pushed you down in first place. I think that if we are to de-corrupt our ways of doing things, we should start at the very root. The educational system.

Sooner or later, if you give kids a better learning experience, they’ll enjoy it better, be grateful even.It also means they’ll learn a lot faster. Teachers used to teach that way. But now, we’ve gotten to the point where the good teachers are either bought up by private schools, or have retired. I had this teacher in the 4th grade. That was the grade in which I got the best grades.

The teachers there, were not there for the money, but to help the kids. The teachers there did not despise their kids, or think of us as pains. They cooperated with us. Unfortunately my science teacher retired, and my gym teachers went to work at another school, and the teacher took a leave of absence. Ever since, I really don’t think any teachers have liked me.

It seems to me, that all the good teachers are gone. But there is still hope. We can clear up our educational system. Put in better programs. Unfortunately these things can’t happen because of our corrupt economy. They’ve been keeping more and more money to themselves, and making more budget cuts.

They’ve taken away many of the programs that we’ve enjoyed. And since then, they’ve cut down on the teachers’ pay, and the teachers couldn’t afford to stay. They then started hiring teachers that were only there for the money, and I haven’t liked any of my teachers ever since. Their response: teachers hate me back. In 5th grade, I had the worst grades in the class.

But it wasn’t my fault. It was the teacher’s. She had given me the worst grades possible, and that ruined my chance of a better school. She was later fired, because the school found out that it wasn’t the kids, she had singled out certain kids, and she was very racist too. She didn’t like asian kids, black kids, hispanic kids, and christians. She also really didn’t seem to care when one of my best friends in my class got run over by a car and was in the hospital.

I asked if we could make cards but she didn’t seem to care and told me to do them by myself and on my own time. Nobody in the school likes people like that. Even the other teachers didn’t like her. But that’s not the point of this. This is to prove that the good teachers are starting to be harder to get, and our educational system has been run into the ground. I’m trying to prove a point here.

We need to start reinventing our school system. If not, we’ll all be stuck in an endless cycle, with someone that’s always above you to try to keep you in the dark. Stay informed, and try not to become part of that corporate machine that other people are trying to avoid.