School Sucks Free Essay Sample

For years American children have been going to school not because they have choice, but because they are forced to. Some might believe that mandatory schooling is intended to create equal opportunities for children to have the same chance of succeeding. However, given that our educational system was established on the ideas of Prussian culture of making a population manageable and turning people into servants, it changes the goals of compulsory education in America. American school systems have applied Prussian culture to education, and its true goal is to make a population of servants and make the servants think otherwise.

School systems are dumbing down students for society to have people who are content in surrendering their thoughts and beliefs. Therefore, neither creativity nor academic learning is allowed. A case in which children surrender their thoughts is with the grading system. The grading system in mandatory schooling doesn’t allow children to think critically or creatively. When students are worried about the grade they will receive, it is not allowing them to think like themselves. Students are trying to do the tasks the way the teacher wants it to be in order to get an A, and lose their own creativity and ability to think critically along the way.

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The reason students cannot think critically is because society needs students to become employees and consumers; to have a population that is manageable. Of course some will disagree and say that the school is really is just trying to prepare children for life and teach them skills needed to be successful. This can be true, but compulsory education assists children only by chance. For example, schools are now adapting a system in which they teach values of responsibility for jobs. The values children are learning, such as leadership and management positions.

Having a job means people can become consumers and benefit the corporate society. There are social class inequalities in the American school system. Suburban schools have the best resources and teachers for the students to go to prestigious universities, while the inner-city students aren’t given the best resources. Schools try to convince society that they had the same opportunity as other children, but in reality, there was no equal opportunity to succeed. There needs to be a change in the American school system to correct social inequalities and create a country of geniuses.

The truth is our American school system based on Prussian culture, is outdated, and the goal is outdated too. People should be able to actually live up to their personal best. Americans have the right to be free and become who they want; they have the right to reach their dreams.