school times

SCHOOL TIMES How was your day at school? Tiring? Yeah, I feel you. Students say they keep falling asleep in class and missing important notes. The school hours should be changed because kids don’t get enough sleep; teens’ brains don’t wake up until later in the day, and when school starts later students could take part in more activities. One thing is school starts too early kids don’t get there ten hours of sleep. If students go to bed early they can’t fall asleep later.

If kids go to sleep later they are too tired and, during school they worry about going home and sleeping instead of homework and school related things. They also fall asleep in class and don’t get there notes or homework done in time. Secondly, kids’ brains don’t wake up till ten in the morning and they worry about not getting any sleep at home. So we should let them wake up, and also I know that no sleep is bad, but they need more. If you don’t agree, well, you may have a very good point. Kids may not have the right amount of sleep, but think about it when you were a kid didn’t you want to go home and sleep all day and try to pay attention in class but you end up dozing off.

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Lastly, if school started later students can make extra clubs in school and also participate like someone can make a club called “it’s a club” and every one can join. Clubs could include homework time at school or group help with projects. Some of these extra clubs could help students get better grades. So next time think about how kids don’t get any sleep. School starts really early and kid’s brains don’t wake up till later in the day, and lastly when school starts later students could take part in more activities at school. Now let’s go catch some Zs.