School Work

We seem to have a rampant issue in the educational system in this society at the moment. Students are being given far to much ability to manage their time efficiently. This is due to assignments being given that provide the students with overwhelming amounts of time to accomplish their work. Sometimes the students are even given 3 days to work on an assignment. This surplus of time is teaching the youth in our country to procrastinate until the last possible minute.

To prevent this, we need to make procrastination impossible. We can, therefore, reduce procrastination in the youth of our country by giving them less time in which to accomplish their assignments. I believe that students should be given no more than 1 or 2 days in which to work on any assignment. This will keep them from putting off their work until the last minute as they will have to do the work immediately or fail. It will also prevent arrogant students from attempting to work ahead before they have been taught because they will have far too many assignments pressing to even begin thinking ahead on what work they need to accomplish in the coming weeks. I also propose increasing heavily the amount of work that is assigned in the school system today.

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The students should be given so much work so often that they must work from the end of school until late at night if they want to have any hope of passing their classes. Not only will this teach the students how to go without a reasonable amount of sleep, that they will have to get accustomed to later on in life when they have to work jobs, but it will also reduce the amount of time the students have to pursue their own interests or to socialize with their peers which will improve their overall usefulness to employers as they will throw themselves into work more fully. Because of this, they will not learn how to do much else during the first eighteen years of their lives. Ensuring that more of the students time is taken up by homework will also help weed out students who are not as intelligent naturally as their peers. This will be accomplished by the students being given so many assignments that are not actually relevant to the material being covered on the tests nor helpful to mastering the subject being learned that the students will be unable to find the time to actually prepare for the tests before hand and will need to rely souly on their ability to recall the lessons given by the teacher in class. All of these proposed changes will also help the students to pay better attention and be more productive during their classes as they will no longer be daydreaming about the enjoyable activities that they get to partake in once they return home due to a myriad of assignments constantly hanging over their heads making them dread time spent at home just as much as time spent at school.

I urge any teachers reading this, for the good of our youth in this country, to increase the amount of work assigned to their students while giving them less time to work on each given assignment. However, it is imperative that regardless of how much work you give them, you do not tolerate lower quality work as a result because if you fall victim to accepting lower quality work then the students will still be lazy as they will have more assignments but they will individually require less effort. In closing, it is absolutely essential, for the future of this country, that we increase the workload on our children because if we do not, how can we ever hope to keep up with other countries around the world such as Japan in terms of both grades and misery in our respective school systems.