Individual vs. Group Work

Most kids can agree that working in a group is better than working individually, but that might be the problem. Has it ever occurred to you what kids might be talking about in their small groups? When it seems like the kids are working they may be talking off topic. Group work sounds like a whole mess of trouble. Working alone involves less stress than working in groups, because it gives you freedom over your assignments without worrying about other people’s opinions or lack of productivity. Have you ever had the perfect idea for a class project, but had to change it because your partner didn’t agree with the idea? This is very stressful because you have to deal with other peoples opinions. One time I was working with a partner on a school assignment.

The partner didn’t do any work! This leads to aggravation and stress. Overall group work can be unfair and often puts a lot of stress on students. More productivity and better grades would be a result of individual work.

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