Science Fair

My beliefs, thoughts, feelings and findings on science fair are complex and undecided. Science fair is helpful and educational. it is also stressful and requires patients. My thoughts are mixed emotions on the fact we are required to participate in Science Fair.

My feelings toward my chosen topic is happy I enjoyed conducting this experiment and watching the formation. My topic is ” Does the amount of ammonia affect the forming of Salt Crystals. My hypothesis is that salt crystals from better when threr is no ammonia added to the salt that forms the crystals. i believe leaving an experiment simple can have the best outcome. Some chemicals might not react the same since they are getting combined with stronger or weaker chemicals than usual.

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I believe if you conduct the experiment correctly and use the proper techniques, you are provided with, you will have a better chance placing in Science Fair and explaining the experiment correctly. My thoughts on Science Fair topics are complicated. We have to start off by picking a topic. Getting it approved that is the easy part of the process. Conducting and doing paperwork the project is the hard parts. Doing the experiment should be the main goal in Science Fair.

I do not understand if we are conducting the experiment, why should we have to have paper work( If we are being honest saying we did it). We should be able to explain to the judges and teachers. Paperwork is the main hassle and unnecessary paper and ink. My feelings on science fair and finding a topic are mixed with emotions. I feel that we should do science fair because it gives us a chance to learn new things about science that we do not know and conduct fun experiments. The downfall of science fair is presenting in front of the judges that is the nerve racking and school projects should be relaxing and enjoyable.