Second Shot at Society

Second Shot at Society If you had to ask me why I continue to forgive people, I probably wouldn’t be able to explain to you why. For me, it is in my nature to let people walk all over me, and still feel the need to forgive them for whatever they have done. Do you really think forgiveness is the key to happiness? I mean, when someone does something so spiteful, why do they deserve our forgiveness? It almost takes away our ability to want to trust a person ever again. When I lost my best friend, I felt a sense of freedom.

Is that weird? Well, to you it might be, but to me it makes sense. It was that type of relationship where I was always walked all over, but my forgiveness was always left open on the table. He took advantage of that, leaving me to look like a fool for always being so forgiving. For me, I still think everyone deserves forgiveness. I try to seek out the best in people, and see past all their mistakes.

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But sometimes, you need to learn to let go. Losing a best friend is something that no one can bare at the time. Looking back on it, you may realize you are better off without the person. In the moment, the pain is so unbearable that sometimes you forget how much negativity they bring to your life. We knew each other for a little over two years, and I thought he was going to stay in my life for a long time. We met at T.

J. Maxx, where we both happened to work at the time. We became really close, really fast. We just clicked right away. Even though he was older than me by four years, that never seemed to matter in our friendship.

He finally decided to quit the job, and left me all alone. A few months went by without speaking or seeing each other, until one day I decided to visit him at his new job. We once again, clicked right away and picked up where we left off. When we decided to finally hang out, I could tell that we would be really good friends. But, slowly I realized that he wasn’t a good person to be around. He was my best friend, but at the same time he was like poison to my brain.

He started to slowly tear me down with his words and actions. Thankfully, when I came to college, I realized that I could live without him. He just wasn’t doing anything beneficial for my life anymore, and he was just pulling me down. Now that this said person is removed from my life, I feel happier than ever. I was holding onto a negative person in my life for so long, that I wasn’t realizing how brainwashed I became to my own happiness. My mother always told me that, “don’t let people walk all over you, you are not a doormat.

” I never really thought much of this, because I knew I could never let a person take advantage of me. In the moment, you never really realize what someone is doing to you, until it’s all over.