Living in a Diverse Society

I believe that diversity strengthens a society because the influence from different cultures with their various beliefs and ideas will make a society open-minded and dynamic. This can be seen in the quick development of Dubai from village to metropolis in just 30 years. This creates tolerance and contributes to reduce racism. It also makes the society interesting to live and work in. To get to know people from all over the world, eat their food, learn about their cultures, all make living in a diverse society very educating and interesting. One of the disadvantages of living in a diverse society is that it is hard to keep your own cultural identity.

It makes it harder but more important to keep your own traditions alive. Another disadvantage is that when you go back to your home country where you are from, you notice that you have been affected by living in a diverse society. For example, if in Sweden, a Muslim woman walks by with a burqa around her head, everybody stares at her and maybe says something. I don’t even notice it. For me, having lived in the UAE for 11 years now, I find it normal that women wear burqas. My point being is that you lose some of yourself.

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You’re not the person you would be if you lived in your home country. You change. Living and growing up in a diverse society has OPENED MY EYES.