Living Away from Home Country; pros and Cons

Even though there will be some kinds of obstacles in the initial periods, living away from home country always interests and excits you, right? After reading this essay, you will get an idea of the pros and cons associated with living away from native place. It is a fact that, presently, most of the young people prefer staying far from their home country. Circumstances often make them to leave their country. Thus they start their lives in another country by adapting themselves to the new surroundings.

In this – global village era; living away from home country is just a part of one’s life. In fact, nobody pay much attention to this revolutionary fad. Leaving the home country and embracing a host country will not be very easy for you, as it is the matter ofaltering what you are used to since birth. Living far from home country helps you to get a chance to:start a regular life far from home; learn to accept different society and culture; learn to live independently; experience freedom; widen the knowledge; build new relationships. According to the research, conducted by International Organizations, there are around 176 million people are living far away from their home countries. Such number of migrations may due to poor standard of living, growth in population, declined economic development, rising violence, and so on.

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Apart from the pros, listed above, there are some cons linked with leaving one’s birthplace. If you move to another country you may face problems like: impenetrability in dealing with income efficiently; difficulty in overcoming home-sickness; intricacy in being responsible for yourself. If you prefer staying in another country, you have to have a clear idea about several things prevailed in the host country. Now that you understand that there are more pros than cons related to living away from home country. The disadvantages, listed above, can be surmounted with tremendous hard work. Hence you can enjoy your stay in a new place, which will be memorable and interesting as well.

Living away from the home town helps you to be pliable, independent, and also open-minded.