living in a small town

Stranded on a dirt road , broke down and no service.

It’s a good thing your in a small town. People tend to make big choices in their life, From getting married. Career they persuade in or where they live. Living in a small town has its ups and downs, or pros and cons. Living in a small town is humbling everyone know everybody.

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People don’t judge everyone for what you wear or how much money people make but how hard you work and how kind you are. The prize of succeeding in as small town is respect one of the greatest honors you can have . When you are succeding people seem to act different and involve you so you can never have a dahl moment. Being involved can sometimes get you into trouble , or comes with some downs . Everybody knows everything even if its spouse to be secret or not news spreads like wild fire. Get pulled over and everyone knows pretty soon everyone is driving by laughing and waving.

Most of the time people get over it and the goods over rule the cons. Living in a small town may have its pros and cons but sooner or later everyone gets use to it .Everybody will treat you like before it happened maybe once in awhile your will get teased about it or you will hear some snotty comment. So the next time someone’s stranded on a gravel road with no service walk to the down the road and fine the nearest house or sooner or later someone will drive by. Everyone comes helping with open arms and you should have no worries living in a small town is like having the biggest family.